day one

Day one. I am good at consistency so that will be the way through. Through losing 50 pounds, through figuring out how to choose what I eat so I can be healthier, through understanding myself better. Food and its impact on my mind and body have challenged me for most of my life. Now I’m 50, with about half of that life behind me and half in front, and this is the year I take control so I can feel (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) different for the second half of my life.

In 2017, I walked 10,000 or more steps (nearly) every day. I shot a video (one second of my life) nearly every day. In 2015, I ran (nearly) 1,000 miles. There’s more that my ability for consistency makes happen that isn’t as numerically quantifiable but still matters. Keeping food in the house, maintaining routines, pushing forward work projects. No big heroic acts make any of that happen. Every day, I do what needs to be done for that day, and it adds up. I will solve the persistent challenge of losing weight in the same way, and along the way, I want to learn why my desire for food overrides my desire to be healthy.

The plan:

  1. Count calories. 1,500 a day in food. That is net, with exercise calories subtracted. Exercise calories, at least for now, will come from whatever Fitbit counts.
  2. Write every day. EVERY DAY. Even if it’s just a word. If not here, then somewhere. Use writing to reflect and stay aware.

That is is. Simple is better.


Today, I weighed 183.7. I am not going to post scale pictures every day. Too onerous. Maybe when I break through to each lower tens digit.


Now, time to walk the dog, make breakfast, clean up this vacation-addled house, and plan the week We’re off today but tomorrow, there’s work and the day after, the kids have school and the whole circus resumes.

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