day five

Reflections are boring but necessary. I remembered today when talking with Ivy that when I lost weight in 2001 with Weight Watchers, I started my day the night before, so that dinner counted first. I wonder if I can use myfitnesspal that way.

Day four was fine. Dinner is hard. I think I am counting everything but I am not great about taking a plate of food and sticking to just that. Hard not to go back for more. Ways to deal: eat slower. Have something on the table (veg, salad) that I can eat if I do want more and build that in.

The thing to do is to keep doing it. I am going to record everything no matter what and no matter what, the next day is just the next day. Consistency matters.

Today is another snow day and though it’s not actively snowing, there’s a ton of it out there. I am gearing up mentally to go to the gym. I have work through the mid-afternoon. I’d like to do something fun with the guys, play a game or something. I think I will hit the gym at 4 and do a half-hour of elliptical and then, oy, what. I need to start to do more to get stronger. I will do the Aaptive 7 minute Booty Pop (!) workout and then also stretch.

Breakfast – had cereal

Lunch – hummus and pita and broccoli salad

Dinner – braised chicken legs, quinoa pilaf, kale salad

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