day four

Day three? It happened but I didn’t write. Consistency not perfection will get me there so I am letting it go. Weird day, retreat @ HGSE, not at desk. Today also promises weirdness – bomb cyclone snowstorm, But right now, at 7:18 am, there’s not much snow out there so I’m getting out to walk as soon as this and coffee are done.

Plan for today: cereal for breakfast; hummus, pita, and an orange for lunch; pork chops, potato hash, and broccoli salad for dinner. Am home with everyone so the temptation to eat will be real. Stick to the plan. Drink tea. Need to make veg chili this afternoon to have more around to eat.

I just put this food into myfitnesspal now and wow, it is arrestingly easier to do this with a plan

So far, am at or under 1,500 each day, counting exercise. It’s been good. I have been hungry when it’s time to eat but not all the time. Really hope that this works without having to eat fewer calories. Mathematically that seems unlikely but I’m willing to stick to 1,500 + exercise and see how it works.

I haven’t figure out when or how I am going to step off (or if?). There will be an if. There will be whens. This will happen. A meal out that is awesome? A birthday or other celebration?

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