I live at the intersection of powerful communication and student-centered education. On my way, I’ve done a lot. I led art activities at a camp for developmentally disabled adults. I’ve been a high school English teacher. I’ve been a content producer and community facilitator at one of Time magazine’s top ten websites of 1996 (hey, it’s not nothing: at that time, there may have been 20 or 30 from which to choose). I wrote a letter about cars that went to the International Space Station. I helped a financial services company create online community. I’ve co-authored a book.

I’ve helped a whole bunch of organizations tell their stories in order to advance their work. I edited an education journal for ten years and wrote a education column for five years. In order to improve teaching and learning in the Providence Public Schools, I’ve led 1,001 PTO meetings, given nearly as many school tours, made a bazillion photocopies, hosted a half-dozen talent shows, and worked to be a force for better teaching and learning on behalf of each and every young person in our schools. Recently, I brought the Coalition of Essential Schools‘ final Fall Forum into being, which will forever be the best family reunion, and my joy and honor to make happen.

There’s lots more. Spend a few minutes with my resume to get to know my professional self better.

On the personal side, I work and live in Providence, Rhode Island. I spent a dozen years in San Francisco. I miss the Bay Area dearly but it seems to be getting on adequately without my day-to-day presence. My three sons–currently in fifth, eighth, and eleventh grades–are all students in the Providence Public Schools. Their involvement in the world ensures that I am able to cheer them on as athletes (football, soccer, basketball, baseball, fencing) and as involved citizens in their schools and community. We have a dog. We have a cat. A quiet moment we generally do not have, but it’s a glorious existence amidst the action. As a member of the Sessions Street Community Garden, we grow as much of our own food as we can. I love to cook.

My dream triathalon would be running, reading, and gathering seashells. The triathalon that would win me the gold: meeting facilitation, speed-writing, and finding my kids’ allegedly lost stuff.

I look forward to working with you. Please be in touch.